‘Domus Bank’ is a building project that stresses the limits of the residential type of polykatoikia towards wider urban space. Four distant polykatoikia buildings hold a thick planted rooftop plane that is open to the inhabitants. The public space flows in the open space of the four columns of the structure. Here, the point is the creation of the multitude-empty space. The structure will contain other structures: the ‘multidome’ (plethodome). The cement block of the model is the inhabitation unit. The pallet on the rooftop resumes the fantasy of the multitude in a proposal that corresponds to the legal frame in a reasonable manner. The proposal, attached to the concept of common and multitude, extends the authority of the the multitude to a larger scale: from the one of the polykatοikia to the one of the city block.

In collaboration with Phoebe Giannisi, Katerina Kritou, Nikos Platsas