Presentation of the project "Katakliseis" during the Hypnos Project exhibition at Onassis Library.

The project "Katakliseis" consists of a territorial installation and a video. It is part of a broader research that produces collectible stays on mnemonic territories of the Greek countryside. Stays accompanied by reading extracts from the pre-Socratic philosophers. The facility itself is trace of residence and interpretive essay on the pre-Socratic speech fragments.

The project "Anaximander Fukushima" presented at the homonymous exhibition at the Benaki Museum, in 2014 is the earliest version of this survey.


Installation dimensions: 3,90Χ2,90m
Production: 2014, 2016
For the video:
Reference quotations on pre_Socrates philosophers:
Anaxagoras, Anaximander, Empedocles, Heraclitus, Thales, Leucippus and Democritus
Collaborators: Efthymia Dimitrakopoulou, Katerina Zoumaki, Zoi Koutsovasili
For the audio bachground thanks to Yiannis Isidorou
Studio Recording: Lab of Enviromental Communication and Audiovisual Representation (LECAD), University of Thessaly
Sound: Nick Vamvakas