During ‘Mapping’ performance the wider city area of Athens, the peninsula of Attica, transforms into a field of imaginary architectural action. The imaginary supervision of the map by the subjectivity of the master planner-general, leads to the manifestation of a no-scale desire. The desire for the city and its territory, which is the desire for the commons, smoothly expresses itself while the subject extrudes into thick white paint stains ‘writing’ on the map in front of his audience. The flowing paint draws a metropolitan park on Mount Hymettus that is located in the middle of a city that extends between Thriasio plain and Lavrion peninsula. 
Urban plan performance, where the new Athens projects in the scale of Attica are marked on the map with white acrylic paint. Keratea Workshop, in the terms of the Greek participation at the 9th Venice Biennial of Architecture.

Handworks on Attica map, acrylic paint on xerox copy (2,0m x 1,9m)