The campus of University of Cyprus has emerged from the soil cutting into separate land plots, which separately receive-building programs. The proposal seeks to reverse, even in isolation, the logic of separation the building plots. Insert a public movement through the new building of Medical School, from north tο south. In this way the main pedestrian zone of University,Belvedere, acquires a vertical urban spondylosis by extending the public space within the building to a controlled and organized treaty, with viewpoint to the open horizon. Constitutive design gesture is the placing of two longitudinal prism in the base, and the deposition of cross prisms onto the base, spaced from each other, to restore a porous, light and airy typology, the pattern of "grid". Unlike modern buildings that reproduce the closed structure, here it is proposed to open, linear building structure. The proposal introduces an open building structure in proportion to the type of Renaissance Loggia. The loggia is a covered, public, space in critical traffic junctions of the urban space. The medical school expressing the crucial relationship between science serving and community, reproduces in this proposal, the urban type of building-Loggia.

Collaborators: Nikos Platsas, Katerina Kritou, Vasia Liri, Efthymia Dimitrakopoulou, Lydia Antoniou, Sofia Tektonidou