This book is the outcome of a research and documentation on urban solidarity practices as they appeared in Greek cities after the outburst of the crisis in 2009. The initiative was taken by the “Research Center on History, Theory and Semantic Design”, in the Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly. A workshop in the city of Volos and a day conference produced the initial material for the book. The authors below contributed to the book with their texts:
Yianna Barkouta
Aris Kalandides
Tonia Katerini
Alexandros Kioupkiolis
Zissis Kotionis 
Ioanna Laliotou
Kostas Manolidis
Christoforos Marinos
Dionyssis Paschalis 
Eleni Portaliou
Konstantinos Tsoutsis
Dina Vaiou
Myrsini Zorba

Editors: Zissis Kotionis, Yianna Barkouta
Copy editor: Eleni Kontaxi
Translations: Konstantinos Matsoukas
Design: Yorgos Rimenidis

Publications: University of Thessaly Press 
ISBN: 978-960-9439-45-9